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Understanding collateral in agricultural financing

The valuation of collateral in agricultural financing matters, but so does the use of collateral.

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6 key strategies for rural banks to retain customers and grow business

Community banks, when you get down to it, are a rich resource for local ag producers. Here are some ideas and strategies to show your value.

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5 startups to watch in agtech

With innovative ideas, exciting products and an impressive response from investors, these startups are showing a lot of promise.

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The importance of cybersecurity for online lending

We know you take cybersecurity very seriously and trust us to secure your data. That means we’re regularly monitoring our online Lender Portal for vulnerabilities and taking action when needed.

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How Russia’s war on Ukraine could impact U.S. wheat

Ukraine has long been an international breadbasket. Now, war is having an enormous global impact on this crucial crop.

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How FinTech is Disrupting the Agricultural Industry

FinTech is leading the charge to disrupt the agricultural banking industry, with a generally positive response from producers across the world. Keeping up with innovation is no longer a luxury. It's a necessity and an opportunity to provide better service.

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8 safety steps for farmers worried about wildfires

Farmers facing wildfires can take action to help protect themselves and their assets with these 8 key safety steps.

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India agtech vs US agtech: Distinct, but not without overlap

When it comes to India agtech vs. U.S. agtech, a lot is dependent on the unique challenges farmers in each region face.

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Does the digital transformation mean the end of brick-and-mortar community banks?

Is the day fast approaching when banks will be disappearing from Main Street, USA? Not likely, say the experts.

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The profit potential of regenerative agriculture

Can regenerative agriculture lead to higher profits, better quality of life and a cleaner environment? The research is in, and the answers may just surprise you.

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US inflation vs. agricultural production

US inflation is the highest it's been in 40 years. How are agricultural producers likely to be impacted?

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Agritourism: How it can help producers prosper

What do hayrides, hunting and house tours have in common? They can all be the basis of a successful agritourism venture! Read all about these businesses ideas and how they can help producers profit in our latest blog.

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All about alternative crops and rare commodities

Will jojoba and ostriches replace soybeans and turkeys? Probably not anytime soon, but that doesn't mean these alternative crops don't present some exciting opportunities for creative-minded producers.

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More loans, lower amounts mark the end of 2021

Low interest rates throughout 2021 seemed poised to create optimal conditions for lenders. However, Q4 ultimately disappointed. The driving factor was smaller loan sizes across the board. We take a look at why things shook out the way they did.

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What will happen to farmland values in 2022?

Predicting the future of farmland values in 2022 isn't easy, but the mood is optimistic.

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Indoor farming companies: Can they be successful?

Investors are throwing jaw-dropping amounts at indoor farming start-ups, but their profitability remains a major question. Just what does it take for these operations to be successful?

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The Agri-Tech Rundown: 3 More Innovations To Watch For

You asked, we delivered! Here are three more exciting new technologies poised to make an impact on the world of agriculture. From custom microbes to walking robots, there's no denying that the future is now.

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How to Keep the Farm in the Family

One of the most complex and emotional tasks an agricultural loan specialist can take on is helping with farm succession planning. Keeping the business in the family can be a lot of work, but Agri-Access is always ready to help ensure the loan transfer goes smoothly.

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All about wind turbine leases

Wind turbine leases have changed a lot in a very short amount of time. When Agri-Access’ loan servicers first started working with renewable energy companies, the process of leasing turbine land was often arduous. The restrictions were extensive, to the point where the negatives outweighed the benefits for many.

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Can California keep farming?

Agricultural conditions in California have been the subject of a lot of well-justified worry lately. Ongoing crippling drought has accelerated long-predicted severe water shortages by several decades. And the risk of wildfires has led to soaring insurance costs. Learn more:

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How Agri-Access Embraces New Commodities

With banking partners across the country, Agri-Access has a lot of experience working with all types of commodities. Orchards, row crops, timber land, livestock operations — whatever it is, odds are good we’ve seen it before.

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Country road

What To Look For When Choosing an Agricultural Lender

When it’s time to support a customer’s growth or to grow your own business, the right agricultural loan can make all the difference. You just have to find it. Doing so isn’t always easy. Agriculture is a unique business and it's in your best interest to find a lender who understands its nuances and unique considerations. With that being said, here are our strategies for the best ways to find an agricultural lender to support your project or your portfolio.

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Talking Coworkers, Culture and Checklists with Senior Closing Coordinator Madeline Mehmedovic

After years of closing multi-million-dollar loans, Madeline was able to hit the ground running in her new position. However, with the incredible range of commodities and properties that agri-business encompasses, she feels it's essential to always be asking questions and improving her knowledge.

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Agronomist and farmer in field

The Agri-Tech Rundown: 3 Innovations To Watch For

From startups to industry behemoths, there is a lot of buzz going around about agricultural technology. Since farming began, the drive to produce a better harvest has been constant. These emerging innovations are promising to accelerate us down that trajectory.

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