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How Melissa McMaster went from college instructor to Agri-Access Post Close Coordinator

Melissa McMaster's got an enviable depth of experience already under her belt. That, coupled with her impressive attention to detail, made her the ideal candidate for her new position.

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The Agri-Tech Rundown: 3 More Innovations To Watch For

You asked, we delivered! Here are three more exciting new technologies poised to make an impact on the world of agriculture. From custom microbes to walking robots, there's no denying that the future is now.

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How closing coordinator Karina Vega does it all (all at once)

If you look up 'busy' in the dictionary, you might just see a picture of closing coordinator Karina Vega. We had a delightful time talking with her about how she balances a new full-time job, being a full-time student and a mom of three.

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How to Keep the Farm in the Family

One of the most complex and emotional tasks an agricultural loan specialist can take on is helping with farm succession planning. Keeping the business in the family can be a lot of work, but Agri-Access is always ready to help ensure the loan transfer goes smoothly.

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All about wind turbine leases

Wind turbine leases have changed a lot in a very short amount of time. When Agri-Access’ loan servicers first started working with renewable energy companies, the process of leasing turbine land was often arduous. The restrictions were extensive, to the point where the negatives outweighed the benefits for many.

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Can California keep farming?

Agricultural conditions in California have been the subject of a lot of well-justified worry lately. Ongoing crippling drought has accelerated long-predicted severe water shortages by several decades. And the risk of wildfires has led to soaring insurance costs. Learn more:

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How Agri-Access Embraces New Commodities

With banking partners across the country, Agri-Access has a lot of experience working with all types of commodities. Orchards, row crops, timber land, livestock operations — whatever it is, odds are good we’ve seen it before.

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Diane Zelhart Walks Us Through What’s Changing For Appraisals

After graduating with a bachelor's degree in finance and ag business from Illinois State University, Diane wanted to continue with a life in agriculture. So, she dove straight into the world of agricultural and rural real estate appraisal. Now she’s joined Agri-Access, excited to expand her territory and tackle new projects.

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What To Look For When Choosing an Agricultural Lender

When it’s time to support a customer’s growth or to grow your own business, the right agricultural loan can make all the difference. You just have to find it. Doing so isn’t always easy. Agriculture is a unique business and it's in your best interest to find a lender who understands its nuances and unique considerations. With that being said, here are our strategies for the best ways to find an agricultural lender to support your project or your portfolio.

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Finding Solutions is What Kari York Does Best

Thirty-seven years. That’s how long Kari York, Senior Loan Specialist, has been with Agri-Access and its parent company. Whatever your questions, whatever your challenges, Kari’s got the knowledge and experience to find a solution.

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