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Peggy McManis

Meet Agri-Access Team Leader, Peggy McManis

Agriculture has always been an important part of McManis’s life. She was raised on a farm in Ohio and she loves working in the agricultural business at a time when so many people need help.

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COVID-19: What This Means For Agriculture

COVID-19: What does this mean for agriculture? Find out more.

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Global Events Impacting the Agricultural Lending Market

Find out what global events are impacting the agricultural lending market.

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Agri-Access Announces Bill Lewis, VP National Lending

Agri-Access is excited to welcome Bill Lewis, Vice President National Lending. Bill will focus on establishing new relationships with top lending institutions.

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Agri-Access Announces Ray Smith, VP Relationship Manager

Agri-Access is excited to welcome Ray Smith, Vice President, Relationship Manager. Ray will oversee lender relations in several regions including the Gulf, Mid-South, Mid-Atlantic and Northeast States. Learn more about Ray Smith.

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Clyne is Working To Change The Path of Southeast Agriculture

Colin Clyne is working to change the path of southeast agriculture. Learn more about Agri-Access' Relationship Manager, Colin.

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Expand Your Lending Power to Meet Your Clients’ Needs

Expand Your Lending Power. Learn how Agri-Access can help you expand your loan portfolio.

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Our Tips For Keeping a Positive Attitude During COVID-19

Find the positive amidst a pandemic? Easier said than done. As we all adjust to a new normal, it’s easy to get mired in thinking about the way things used to be. While many of those things will return eventually, the wait can feel so long. That’s why we wanted to step away from our traditional content path today to provide you with some tips you can use to keep a positive attitude throughout the pandemic.

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Dairy’s Growing Market and insights Into What The Future May Hold

While the COVID-19 pandemic has grabbed headlines for its negative effect on industries across the globe, some market spaces are doing very well in these otherwise trying times. One such industry is the American dairy market. To understand this shift, Sara Dorland, Managing Partner at Ceres Dairy Risk Management, presented a recent webinar in conjunction with Agri-Access. Here are a few of the key highlights.

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Impacts to the Global Protein Market

The global protein market is fraught with change. The recent signing of Phase 1 of the trade deal between the United States and China has created new opportunities for the U.S. farmer but there may be additional hurdles to overcome.

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