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Kayla Stockdale finds purpose and work-life balance at Agri-Access

As Kayla Stockdale grows into her role as a loan servicing specialist, she's quick to embrace the idea of making a difference for farmers.

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Steph Lawson harnesses the power of trust and collaboration to resolve issues

To Steph Lawson, Agri-Access has a great team that works hard to create successful outcomes. And that kind of track record wouldn't be possible without a healthy work culture.

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What do our employees like most about working at Agri-Access?

If you thrive on teamwork, problem solving and opportunity, you’ll find your fit with Agri-Access! Because these are the things our employees love about working with us!

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Meet the expert that will help you grow: The Agri-Access relationship manager

In their own words, these Relationship Managers share how to strengthen critical relationships between community lenders and the producers that turn to them for capital.

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Powered by a deep background in ag, Philip Clark thrives on finding solutions

Philip Clark, Manager of Credit at Agri-Access, finds his deep background in ag finance and farming complements everything he does.

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Tim McTigue is all about growth, and that’s a good thing for producers

Tim McTigue joined Agri-Access in December 2021 as Director Business Development. From his first job, Tim recognized the critical role of lending in agriculture, and knew he wanted to make a difference in rural communities.

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Learning all the time: An interview with Client Education Specialist Sherri Korte

Sherri Korte has hit the ground running, already finding ways to improve client onboarding to our lender portal. We're thrilled to have her join our team, and to introduce her to you as Agri-Access' new Client Education Specialist!

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How Melissa McMaster went from college instructor to Agri-Access Post Close Coordinator

Melissa McMaster's got an enviable depth of experience already under her belt. That, coupled with her impressive attention to detail, made her the ideal candidate for her new position.

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How closing coordinator Karina Vega does it all (all at once)

If you look up 'busy' in the dictionary, you might just see a picture of closing coordinator Karina Vega. We had a delightful time talking with her about how she balances a new full-time job, being a full-time student and a mom of three.

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Diane Zelhart Walks Us Through What’s Changing For Appraisals

After graduating with a bachelor's degree in finance and ag business from Illinois State University, Diane wanted to continue with a life in agriculture. So, she dove straight into the world of agricultural and rural real estate appraisal. Now she’s joined Agri-Access, excited to expand her territory and tackle new projects.

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Finding Solutions is What Kari York Does Best

Thirty-seven years. That’s how long Kari York, Senior Loan Specialist, has been with Agri-Access and its parent company. Whatever your questions, whatever your challenges, Kari’s got the knowledge and experience to find a solution.

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Talking Coworkers, Culture and Checklists with Senior Closing Coordinator Madeline Mehmedovic

After years of closing multi-million-dollar loans, Madeline was able to hit the ground running in her new position. However, with the incredible range of commodities and properties that agri-business encompasses, she feels it's essential to always be asking questions and improving her knowledge.

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Joscelyn Smith Works Towards New Marketing Initiatives

As Marketing Specialist, Joscelyn’s strengths in writing and communications have been integral to the development of Agri-Access’ brand and voice. From mass communications to website content, everything goes through her at some stage in its development.

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Respect, Honesty, Integrity And Work Ethic: The Values That Drew Adam Sperfslage To Agri-Access

When the opportunity to work full time for Agri-Access first came around, Adam Sperfslage initially passed. He’d loved his internship with them when he was in college, but wasn’t sure it was the right time to move jobs.

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Chad Steele Guides The Future Of Agricultural Lending

Chad Steele says he and his team are fortunate enough to fully dedicate themselves to pursuing their greatest passion: assisting lenders to help them grow their business and ultimately support their clients.

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Don Slagle An Integral Part Of Agri-Access

Over 17 years Don Slagle has seen it grow from its early stages to an impressive loan volume of over 3 billion dollars.

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Alex Resner Can’t Wait To Show You Lender Portal 2.0

Alex Resner sees his role as the opportunity to be a strong technical resource for internal staff and the company’s lending partners.

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Peggy McManis

Meet Agri-Access Team Leader, Peggy McManis

Agriculture has always been an important part of McManis’s life. She was raised on a farm in Ohio and she loves working in the agricultural business at a time when so many people need help.

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Agri-Access Announces Bill Lewis, VP National Lending

Agri-Access is excited to welcome Bill Lewis, Vice President National Lending. Bill will focus on establishing new relationships with top lending institutions.

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Agri-Access Announces Ray Smith, VP Relationship Manager

Agri-Access is excited to welcome Ray Smith, Vice President, Relationship Manager. Ray will oversee lender relations in several regions including the Gulf, Mid-South, Mid-Atlantic and Northeast States. Learn more about Ray Smith.

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Clyne is Working To Change The Path of Southeast Agriculture

Colin Clyne is working to change the path of southeast agriculture. Learn more about Agri-Access' Relationship Manager, Colin.

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