Kayla Stockdale finds purpose and work-life balance at Agri-Access

Kayla Stockdale, a loan servicing specialist at Agri-Access, is new to the company. Her firsthand experiences with agriculture are fueling her purpose as she grows into her role.

Bringing a firsthand ag perspective

Kayla didn’t grow up on the farm, but she is married to a farmer, and the couple also operates an excavating and field drainage business. She brings firsthand appreciation to the careful planning and financial strategy farmers pour into each growing season. By keeping a close eye on managing inputs and other expenses, they can have their best shot of clearing the hurdles: weather, yields, economy, market prices.

This in part fuels Kayla’s motivation to be effective and impactful as a loan servicing specialist. She’s motivated to make a difference to the lenders and the producers they serve, because she understands their unique challenges and she wants to play a part in finding solutions.

“Farmers put in so much effort into what they do, and you want to be able to see them succeed,” Kayla says. “It’s nice to work for a company that works to help farmers reach their goals.”

Finding lending solutions to help producers reach their goals

Kayla points to how Agri-Access is a great resource for lenders, because they can access better rates and longer terms. Through the life of the loan, Agri-Access continues to provide a resource for the farmers lenders serve, and that’s where Kayla will be playing a part.

Kayla is new to the role of loan servicing specialist. Her role entails examining titles, signatures and other supporting documents that go into a servicing request for an existing loan, such as a partial release. Her department works closely with the credit department to determine approval of the servicing request, along with any conditions they might need to include.

She’s still working closely with her colleagues so she can eventually handle the complexities that often arise in agricultural lending on her own. Though she’s deeply familiar with the corn and soybean crops that surround her in southeastern Minnesota, she’s learning about timber crops, and the challenges they have in common with other growers.

She gains a sense of satisfaction and purpose from working directly with lenders to provide solutions for independent producers. She’s looking forward to growing in her role.

Finding a work-life balance at Agri-Access

While she enjoys the varied workdays at Agri-Access, she also appreciates the work-life balance she gains.

She and her husband have two daughters, and she says it’s nice that Agri-Access gives her the flexibility to transport her 3-year-old from preschool to daycare. That little window of time is special, because it’s a chance for her to hear what happened in her daughter’s day so far.

“I’m loving that for sure,” she says.

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