Learning all the time: An interview with Client Education Specialist Sherri Korte

What makes Sherri Korte so good at what she does? A deeply held passion for learning and growth.

“Learning is a continuous process for me,” she explained in our recent interview. “I’m always happy to learn and adopt new tools and practices. It keeps my job interesting.”

It’s that pursuit of knowledge and skill that has led to great success throughout her life, from growing up on a farm, to earning a Bachelor of Science in Public Relations from Northwest Missouri State University and ultimately forging a successful career in the ag industry.

Before coming to Agri-Access, Sherri spent seven years working on employee recognition programs and learning development for the R&D department at the former DuPont Pioneer company. Today, we are absolutely thrilled that she’s chosen to join our team as the Client Education Specialist.

Shaping the client experience

The role of Client Education Specialist is new to Business Support. One of the position’s key responsibilities is to help ensure a better client experience at every stage of their relationship with Agri-Access.

Sherri’s been asked to hit the ground running, immediately examining how clients are onboarded to Agri-Access’ new Lender Portal. But this quick start suits her style just fine. “I like the learning curve. I’ve been meeting with key subject matter experts and taking a lot of notes!”

She goes on to say, “I think it’s great that I had the opportunity right away to review the lender portal and start thinking about what we can do to make improvements. Process improvement has always been a big part of my previous work experiences.”

Helping everyone feel included and heard

So much of client education and process improvement is about listening and inclusion. Listening to feedback. Including everyone — both clients and Agri-Access team members — in the discussion.

Fortunately, these skills come naturally to Sherri.

“I think the longer I’ve been in my career, I’ve re-defined success as being able to help others and make them feel welcome, while using the skills that I love to use.”

Truly authentic, on and off the clock

When she’s not at work, Sherri’s values don’t change. It’s still all about relationships and learning.

A proud mom to three daughters, she loves spending time with her family and friends — especially golfing and traveling with her husband. She’s also an avid reader, and is particularly fond of British works. If she wasn’t working for Agri-Access, she would love to be a novelist.

Her talent, drive and values make her an exceptional team member and promise exciting things to come for client experiences!

Let’s discuss how we can expand your ag lending power.