Chad Steele Guides The Future Of Agricultural Lending

Chad Steele has a vision for Agri-Access, one he’s honed over the last 17 years. Since he began his career in Credit Department transitioning to Director of Credit and most recently Managing Director in 2018, Steele has been driving the company forward. Today Chad says he and his team are fortunate enough to fully dedicate themselves to pursuing their greatest passion: assisting lenders to help them grow their business and ultimately support their clients.

The History Of Agri-Access

Agri-Access first launched in 2003 with a focus on developing lease products. However, as demand for long-term, fixed-rate financing increased, the company took its mission in a new direction, one of collaborating with ag lenders to develop products and services that meet client needs.

“It is our goal to work with agricultural lenders to provide funding opportunities so they can grow and establish new relationships,” Chad said.

With Agri-Access’s 30-year fixed-rate offering, lenders can provide long-term solutions for farmers and ranchers. In addition, as a secondary market lender, Agri-Access purchases 100% of the loan. This allows lenders to continue their relationships with customers and remain the lender of record. “We take on the full credit risk so that way you can utilize your relationships to continue to grow your network,” Chad says.

What Sets Agri-Access Apart From The Competition

With an expansive network and knowledge base, Agri-Access has the talent and resource pool to serve clients across the United States. This allows them to gain a strong industrial and geographical understanding of client needs. Chad says creative thinking and innovative solutions help lenders thrive and Agri-Access’s goal is to give lenders the resources and tools they need to help their customers achieve their goals.

“Agricultural financing is difficult to navigate,” Chad said. “We serve as an extension of your team to help find the solutions necessary to meet your client’s needs.”

Chad adds that Agri-Access also has support teams to help clients through every step of the process. From the moment they start their application through ongoing servicing needs and appraisal reviews, the team provides sound, professional guidance from start to finish.

“Agri-Access team members are committed to strengthening and building rural communities, as many of us grew up there,” Chad says.

Working Together To Provide Better Service And Solutions

Agri-Access works alongside its partners to collaborate on new products and meet the agricultural industry’s ever-changing needs. “Lenders benefit from the depth and breadth of expertise across our relationship managers to help grow their business,” Chad says. By doing this, lenders can become more competitive in the current marketplace, offer better solutions to their clients and ultimately grow the entire agricultural industry.

What The Future Holds

The future of agriculture is ever-changing but Chad is excited for the market’s potential. As new technologies appear in the industry and producers discover new efficiencies, the future of agriculture looks bright and Agri-Access is prepared to maintain its role as a partner in each and every venture.