Career shift into ag lending inspires Shelby Peters to pursue role at Agri-Access

Shelby Peters is a newcomer to banking. Three years ago, she transitioned from social work to ag lending.

She admits it was a big change with much to learn. But it gave Peters the career refresh she was seeking. She loved the variety and problem solving that came with being a loan servicing specialist.

Also, her husband has a background in farming, so she felt a sense of purpose knowing her work made a difference.

“It’s rewarding being able to help others who are running their own businesses,” she says.

Even better, her new career path showed her new directions and possibilities in lending. Eventually, it brought her to Agri-Access.

First impressions: Friendly service, effortless tools

Prior to her career shift into ag lending, she had little familiarity with the field. Now, Peters found herself with a role to play in servicing her institution’s participation loans with Agri-Access. As these loans moved through the process, she got a close-up look at how they executed their services.

From first contact, Agri-Access impressed Peters.

Their loan processing system, The Lender Portal, made each step effortless, from uploading documents to initiating service requests.

When issues arose at any stage, she could count on Agri-Access for quick answers and problem solving.

“The service they provided was always consistent,” Peters says. “When I reached out to Agri-Access, I knew that I was going to get a response. I never had to wait or follow up.”

What was also evident to her was the knowledge of agriculture the team at Agri-Access demonstrated each day. Whatever situation arose, whether it was a payment issue, loan modification or urgent deadline, the Agri-Access team was always accommodating and ready to help. Part of that came from their own roots in agriculture.

That background and expertise gave them the ability to meet the borrowers where they were at and really help them.

Choosing Agri-Access to continue new banking career

Three years into her new banking role, Peters jumped at the chance to apply for a role at Agri-Access. They had won her over. This time, it was her turn and she nailed it. She got an offer to take the loan servicing specialist position, and she was onboarded in October 2023.

Today, as a loan servicing specialist, she’ll be on the front lines. Instead of working with borrowers, she’ll be in frequent contact with lending partners. These lenders, with locations across the U.S., serve a multitude of commodities from coast to coast. For her, this is an opportunity to learn even more about the many facets of agriculture and its contributions to our world.

Meanwhile, with her onboarding completed, she feels well-equipped to perform her role well.

“I feel like they truly want their employees to feel comfortable and confident in their role,” she says.

Her ultimate goal at Agri-Access: To create the same exceptional experiences for lenders that inspired her to join the team.

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