How closing coordinator Karina Vega does it all (all at once)

If you look up ‘busy’ in the dictionary, you might just see a picture of Karina Vega. As the newest closing coordinator for Agri-Access, she’s got her hands full learning the ins and outs of a new company. But it doesn’t stop there. Karina is also a full-time online student at Iowa State and a mother of three.

As overwhelming as her many responsibilities may seem, Karina brings a bubbly good humor to it all. Within minutes of meeting her, it’s easy to see what makes Karina such an excellent addition to the Agri-Access team — work ethic for days and an impressively positive attitude.

Excited to join the team

“This team,” Karina gushed in our recent interview. “Oh my gosh. It’s incredible. They support each other.”

Seeing how busy her new coworkers were, Karina was eager to immediately start helping in any way that she could. And thanks to her previous position as a loan doc specialist at US Bank, she’s been a quick study. She’s been able to hit the ground running, executing tasks and training simultaneously.

Ever gracious, she’s quick to thank those around her for their patience and good humor during her onboarding. “Peggy, Sandy, Madeline … they’ve all been stepping in and helping me. If they have something come up, they ask, ‘Hey, do you want to do this?’ I’m very glad that they have been sending me things to do where I can practice daily.”

A skillful balancing act

With everything on her plate, it can be tricky to find the right balance, but Karina manages by staying focused on the task at hand. “I want to be giving it my all at work,” she explains, “not be thinking about class.”

She’s also got a family that’s ready to help.

“When I started at Iowa State, I wasn’t going to be full time,” she said. “But because they told me I could get a scholarship if I was full time, I asked my husband, ‘You think you can help me out and I can do this?’ And he said, ‘Yes, for sure.’ He’s been amazing.”

Now, everyone pitches in to keep the housework handled, and her daughters understand the importance of letting mom get her homework done, just the same as they do every night.

Finding time for fun

Of course, there’s more than just work (and homework) in Karina’s life. In her downtime, Karina can often be found helping her husband with home improvement projects or enjoying a night out with her family.

“We just love spending time together. We were very strict about not going out to eat when COVID happened, but we’re a pretty outgoing family,” she reflects. “We live in a little town in Iowa and everybody here in our neighborhood is wonderful.”

At Agri-Access, our people are everything. We’re so glad to have Karina with us, and excited to see what the future has in store for her! Visit to learn more about our incredible team members, and the work they do to give our banking partners an exceptional experience.

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