6 offerings from Agri-Access that will transform your lending services

Ag lenders are some of the biggest champions of agriculture you’ll meet. Many grew up on a family farm or ranch. Thus, these financial professionals come highly motivated to help and advise borrowers through the many challenges of farming. Farmers repay these efforts with their loyalty. That’s the foundation of some of the strongest business partnerships out there.

Unfortunately, not all ag lenders can extend terms that would help farmers achieve better results.

A 30-year farm mortgage versus a 10-year mortgage would open up new possibilities, for example. Farmers would have more cushion in their operating funds, and enhanced ability to reinvest in their business. However, lenders must also structure loans that protect their assets and liquidity to keep their doors open. As a result of these conflicting business needs, there’s a gap between ag lenders and farmers.

That’s why Agri-Access set out to enhance what ag lenders can offer. Since 2003, we’ve provided the lending solutions that expand the power of your ag lending business: longer terms, faster loan decisions, limited financial requirements for ag borrowers, and reduced risk and liquidity protection for ag lenders.

In the following, we detail our product offerings and how they help you foster stronger partnerships with farmers.

1. Participation lending for ag real estate

Through our lending partnership, your offerings are greatly enhanced: 30-year terms for ag real estate loans at competitive rates. These are sought-after terms giving farmers better control over their working capital.

Participation loans benefit lenders with liquidity protection, with the option to repurchase the loan. Your lending business remains the lender of record, meaning you own and service the loan.

Whether a farmer is expanding their land offerings, or taking over the family business, participation loans from Agri-Access offer freedom and flexibility to both farmers and lenders.

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2. Scorecard loans

Since 2003, Scorecard has been instrumental in helping our lending partners enhance their services.

We perfected the formula for quick-turn loans with a fraction of the paperwork. Over the years, our flagship offering has evolved to meet the expectations of today’s farmer. Scorecard features a convenient online application, up to $4 million in capital approved in 48 hours or less.

The scenario for using Scorecard is straightforward. Farmers who are buying real estate for ag use and meet the requirements can access capital in a matter of hours. Less time in the bank, more time focused on the business is a big win.

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3. Leasing

Leasing enhances your product offering, particularly in a high interest environment.

Our unique financing structure allows producers to execute a buyout option at the end of the agreement. This provides borrowers with unprecedented financial flexibility and cash management control.

Farmers that lease-to-own grain bins, for example, can gain control of both their commodities and their assets from day one. Producers that are in the midst of transition planning can also realize advantages from leasing.

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4. Niche lending products

The largest, most highly valued agri-businesses in your market area present valuable investment opportunities.

Barriers to providing financing to these farmers and producers are their complex assets and financial structures. They require customized financial agreements.

Our bespoke lending solutions offer your team top level expertise so you can complete the deal with confidence. Agri-Access assists with legal and financial analysis, along with business plan review and negotiating power, so you can execute a solid customized loan.

A great candidate for a bespoke agreement is an orchard that owns permanent plantings on leased land. In cases like this, boilerplate language wouldn’t account for all the aspects, risks and contingencies that are unique to this business arrangement. To help you create a sound agreement, Agri-Access has the resources, expertise and capital.

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5. New commodities

New and emerging commodities present exciting opportunities to meet the future of agriculture.

By backing these ventures that offer new, exciting products, you can achieve growth from the ground floor, diversify your lending portfolio and demonstrate your vision as a business leader.

Agri-Access supplies data and resources for new commodities you can trust along with the in-depth analysis to help your financial organization make financially sound decisions.

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6. Land development loans

Permanent plantings demand financing that accommodates a lengthy gestation period for fruit and trees as well as grape vines. There is immense financial pressure on both lender and borrower.

Agri-Access provides land development loans that are structured to meet the grower’s needs to maintain their working capital during their growth phase. To safeguard the risk for our lending partners, we also assist with analysis of the operation, and participation loans to safeguard liquidity and risk.

Whether it’s a vineyard that’s looking to expand, or an orchard that’s looking to replenish aging stock with saplings, our land development loans help you meet their needs.

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Grow your lending power

Agri-Access is dedicated to bridging the gap between lenders and farmers to foster stronger partnerships. Our suite of offerings, from extended loan terms to Scorecard decisions, are designed to empower both sides of the ag lending equation.

As agriculture lenders, you play a vital role in the success of farmers, and Agri-Access is here to amplify that impact. Let us help you transform your lending services and contribute to the resilience and prosperity of agricultural communities.

Learn about our participation loan offerings, and reach out to a relationship manager any time to get started.

Let’s discuss how we can expand your ag lending power.