Expand Your Lending Power to Meet Your Clients’ Needs

As agriculture operations grow in size, community banks need options to continue providing financing tailored to meet the expansion needs of their clients. However, as one of our bank partners recently discovered, finding the right long-term fixed-rate product for their client can be difficult to come by.

In this instance, our partner was seeking a solution with fixed, admin and variable rate options as well as an amortization period of 10 to 30 years, to meet the needs of their customers. When they couldn’t find such a solution through other channels, they contacted us and our Farm and Ranch Real Estate Loan product was able to satisfy their need. They found the solution they needed, and we can help you too.

Loan Solution to Meet Your Clients’ Needs

Whether borrowers are expanding their operation or transitioning to the next generation, we provide flexible lending solutions that work for you and your client. And because we provide secondary market financing, you can expand your loan portfolio, decrease your credit risk and remain the lender of record. Our products, services, approach and expertise are designed to help deepen your existing client relationships, as well as expand your business portfolio, all to help you provide your clients the support they need.

Achieve Your Goals Faster with Agri-Access

If you’re looking to support a client who wants to move a project along quickly, the Agri-Access Scorecard Program provides fast underwriting decisions with limited required information, delivering faster service for your clients. Program advantages include:

• Available for loans up to $2.5 million
• Convenient online application
• Limited financial information required
• Credit decision in less than 24 hours

Your Agri-Business Lending Partner

At Agri-Access, we are focused on building partnerships between our team members and their communities. Trust, experience and customer service drive our partners to continually turn to us as their secondary market resource. Our collaborative team works with you to discover the right product for each of your clients.

To learn more about farm and ranch loan product solutions available through Agri-Access and to see how we can support your business, connect with us today.

Let’s discuss how we can expand your ag lending power.