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Ben Ward

Ben Ward, ARA

Appraisal Manager

[email protected]


Idaho (License CGA-2710)

Oregon (License C000987)

Brian Myers

Brian Myers

Senior Certified Appraiser

[email protected]


Illinois (License CG553.002334)

Indiana (License CG40700603)

Michigan (License CG1201074837)

Lesley Miller

Lesley Miller, ARA

Certified Appraiser

[email protected]


California (License 3002960)

Idaho (License CGA-4180)

Oregon (License C001252)

Tyler Fitterer

Tyler Fitterer

Certified Appraiser

[email protected]


Illinois (License 553002484)

Iowa (License CG03431)

Kentucky (License 5408)

Minnesota (License CG40287704)

Tennessee (License 5569)

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