Our Tips For Keeping a Positive Attitude During COVID-19

Find the positive amidst a pandemic? Easier said than done.

As we all adjust to a new normal, it’s easy to get mired in thinking about the way things used to be. While many of those things will return eventually, the wait can feel so long. That’s why we wanted to step away from our traditional content path today to provide you with some tips you can use to keep a positive attitude throughout the pandemic.

Apply one or all of them and you’ll be through this before you know it.

Tip 1: Limit your coronavirus (news) exposure

Coronavirus news is everywhere and if you consume too much, it will be the only thing on your mind as well. Don’t be afraid to cut the cord and step away from the news for a while. And when you come back, select one news site to follow and avoid visiting the rest. You should also ignore those especially doom-and-gloom posters you know on social media. The pandemic will continue to run its course and it’s OK for you to check in on its progress sporadically instead of continuously.

Tip 2: Maintain human relationships

We get it. This is much harder to do when you can’t greet someone with a familiar handshake. However, now’s the perfect time to reconnect with coworkers and clients as we’re all dealing with a little too much isolation. And when you connect, try to turn these conversations to things besides COVID-19. Instead discuss familiar topics like the crops season, sports or your families and you’ll create a sense of normalcy in this abnormal time. These small conversations can have a big impact on not only your well-being but also those you connect with.

Tip 3: Take advantage of your newfound time

What’s your someday project? That thing you keep saying you’re going to do but keep putting off because you’re just too busy? Now’s the time to tackle it. Take a course online, order the parts you need for a home repair or finally binge watch all those shows everyone is talking about.
Spend your extra time doing things that you enjoy — or that simply need to be done — and your newfound time will be well spent.

Tip 4: Maintain your routine

When you were working in a conventional way you had a routine. Now, whether you’re working exclusively from home or you’ve been furloughed, it’s time to establish a new routine. Map this routine out for yourself and do your best to adhere to it every single day, just as you did before the pandemic. Having order in your life will make it easier to avoid feeling aimless and will make you feel more positive about your overall situation.

Tip 5: Maintain your work-life balance

If you are working from home, it can be very easy to fall in the trap of continuously working. You never leave the office, after all. Instead, make your exact work hours part of the routine we discussed earlier and adhere to them. Even the smallest emails that come in after you’re “off”
can wait until tomorrow. Take time for yourself to do the things you love after the workday is finished and you’ll be happier overall.

Tip 6: Take care of your body

Don’t settle for a sedentary lifestyle simply because you’re homebound. Replace your gym routine with daily walks, video fitness workouts or yoga. This is also a good time to actively improve your diet as you shouldn’t be forced to grab a less healthy option simply because you’re
on the go. Lastly, get plenty of sleep. Take that time you once spent commuting to work each morning and add it to your bed rest routine to fully replenish your body.

Tip 7: Avoid chaos in your home

You’ve probably already realized that when you and your family are stuck in your home 24/7, things get messy fast. It all seems to blend together. Avoid this by setting space aside for certain activities. Your kitchen table is your new office. Your couch the dining room, etc. Separate the work zones from the play zones and set a routine to keep all of your zones as clean as possible and you’ll feel less trapped in this more cluttered version of your home.

We hope these tips are helpful. Apply any or all of them and stick to your newfound routines. There is light at the end of this tunnel and we’ll all be able to enjoy it soon.

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