Alex Resner Can’t Wait To Show You Lender Portal 2.0

Alex Resner’s tenure with Agri-Access has been short so far but he’s loved every minute of it. “I joined the team in the beginning of September and with the amount of enjoyment and exposure I’ve had so far, the time has flown by,” he said.

Before joining Agri-Access as a Solutions Analyst, Resner worked with several small businesses supporting clients’ immediate needs as well as their long-term technology strategy. He then moved on to join Compeer before being adding to the team at Agri-Access. “Working here allows me to focus on scope and be a proactive voice,” Resner said. “It’s a perfect 1-to-1 fit.”

But What Does That Fit Entail?

Resner sees his role as the opportunity to be a strong technical resource for internal staff and the company’s lending partners. His primary focus remains Agri-Access’ Lender Portal and he says he’s always ready to help solve problems surrounding the portal and collaborate on ways to improve it. “These experiences help shape our long-term strategy,” he says. Using client feedback and in-house system architects Resner is consistently working to upgrade the Lender Portal ensuring it embodies the voice of the client with every improvement.

Lender Portal 2.0 Is Slated To Launch In February

The culmination of this feedback, Resner says, will appear in February when Agri-Access debuts its Lender Portal 2.0. “The Lender Portal is our primary mode of communication with our lenders,” he says. “As we evolve it, we want to make strides in the look, feel and function.”

Resner says users should expect big changes when the new version is revealed. Lender feedback as well as the team’s identification of internal inefficiencies have guided these adjustments. Resner did say the new version of the Lender Portal will match the modern age and provide clients with the additional empowerment they deserve. “It’s been exciting to watch the new version develop,” he says.

While Lender Portal 2.0 comprises one large update, Resner says the plan going forward is to make the system even more agile by instituting smaller changes in real time as the need arises. “We’re excited by the opportunity to better serve our clients in real time,” Resner said.

Focused On The Future

Lender Portal 2.0 is just one way Agri-Access is gearing up to better serve the needs of its clients tomorrow. Resner says the key is in the company’s mentality to be externally flexible and internally consistent and that these strategies take on a unique twist for each position within the company.

“In my role that means being flexible enough to support communication and collaboration with our lending partners and translate that in adjustments to the portal,” Resner said. “Internally then, being consistent means supporting the experiences of all our lenders and creating faster turnaround times. This allows us to meet expectations time and time again, creating more traffic and allowing us to grow.”

Looking Forward

While his tenure at Agri-Access is just beginning, Resner can’t wait to see what the future holds and to continue working with this team. “The people here are my favorite part of Agri-Access,” he says. “The level of passion and ownership for the client experience that everyone has is incredibly contagious. It helps drive an inner fire in me to see how much we can accomplish with this team and to see us all continue to go above and beyond.”