A Childhood on the Farm Leads to Lifelong Passion for Agriculture for Bryan Kellerman

Bryan Kellerman is passionate about agriculture. He says as much within the first few minutes of sitting down for an interview. “I grew up in rural North Dakota,” he explains, “a corn, soybean, wheat, cow-calf operation.” He stepped away from farm life to study at the University of North Dakota, where he majored in business management and marketing and found success in the world of loans and credit. Over time, however, he realized he never wanted to stray too far from his ag roots.

After nearly a decade working for community banks, he was drawn to Agri-Access, which has proven to be an excellent fit. “I wanted to get back into agriculture full-time. That led me to Agri-Access. I had the community banking background,” he says, “and Agri-Access … the clientele base consists of various community banks.”

Manager (and Teacher) of Credit

A day in the life of the manager of credit involves quite a bit of time on the phone. Even more now, thanks to the changes driven by COVID-19. Bryan’s not only in constant contact with the five analysts on his team, but a network of other team members and lenders. From lenders and banks to other departments within the company, it’s a constant team effort to find the right solutions for each client.

“I spend a lot of time teaching, as well,” Bryan adds. “My mother was actually a teacher, so maybe I got a little bit of that in me. I’ve always enjoyed the teaching side and seeing team members excel and thrive.”

The Best Parts of Working for Agri-Access

When asked about his favorite part of the job, he’s hard pressed to pick just one aspect. Agri-Access’ national focus means exciting opportunities to witness and work with the full range of commodities across the country. Then there’s the opportunity to connect with so many different lending partners. “I take so much from our lending network and learn so much every day from them,” he says.

When pressed, though, he settles on the exceptional products that he gets to work with at Agri-Access. In particular, the longer term fixed-rate lending that most community banks aren’t able to provide on their own. He takes personal pride in what Agri-Access can offer, in part because it’s served his own family well. “They have been able to take advantage of these long-term rates too. These additional financing options have been phenomenal for the farmer and help minimize one of the many risks involved with farming today.”

Once a Farmer, Always a Farmer?

While Bryan’s forged a successful career in ag finance, he’s carried with him a few passions and interests picked up as a young man on a farm. For one, he and his young family are always finding something to do outdoors. Boating, mountain biking and skiing are just a few favorites. But, true to his roots, he’s especially fond of yard work.  “My neighbors think I’m a little crazy, as I can be pretty meticulous (I’m obsessed), but I’m always working in the yard or on other projects.”

About Agri-Access

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